Net Blocker Firewall Apk

Are you worried about third-party access to your device and want to get rid of it? You don’t want to allow internet access to most of the applications on your device, so stop worrying anymore; here is the solution to your problem: Net Blocker – Firewall per app. 

Most applications require internet access on your device for multiple reasons, although sometimes you don’t want most apps to use the internet. In such conditions, you are searching to change your device settings to stop the application from internet access. With this application, you can quickly prevent that specific app from accessing your device’s internet.

The Net Blocker – Firewall per app is not just an application; it is a complete package; that not only stops the application from getting internet access to your device but also stops any application from downloading background data, reducing data usage, managing device battery usage, and improve the privacy of your device. 

It assists you in blocking access to mobile data and Wi-Fi with a single tap without any root required. The application is beneficial in such conditions where most apps and games may access the internet of your device to lift your data or only to display irrelevant ads. 

Almost 1+ million people are using the application. The application is user-friendly and can be easily downloaded and installed on Android. The application doesn’t require root to block any app from accessing the internet.     


You must be curious about the application; let’s find out what the most impressive benefits of utilizing the application are, shall we?

  • The application is safe as it doesn’t require personal data.
  • The application supports Android devices.
  • It doesn’t require dangerous permissions such as SMS, Storage, Contacts, or Location.
  • The application blocks the network traffic without requiring root by building its local VPN interface. 
  • With this application, you can easily decide when and where to block any app’s internet access.  
  • It assists you in stopping the application from running in the background and saves your data usage and money.
  • The application allows you to block the internet access of an individual app or multiple apps.
  • The application has a launchable apps list, where all games and apps are in uniform position, and you can quickly select them to allow or block them from the internet. 
  • It doesn’t require any exhausting procedure to block internet access to any app; all you have to do is search the app from the search bar to stop them, enter the application name, and start your device protection.
  • The application is compact, so it consumes a small space on your device. 
  • The application has a notification inbox containing all the upcoming app notifications for users to see later. 
  • The application provides you the feature of an app uninstaller, where you can quickly delete or uninstall multiple applications at once with a single click.
  • With Net Blocker – Firewall per app allows you to manually set a Wi-Fi timer to turn on or off the internet. Internet will automatically disconnect from your device after a specified time. It saves from battery draining. 
  • The application has a VPN that doesn’t require any sensitive and personal data from the user.   

How to Use the Net Blocker – Firewall per app?

Net Blocker – Firewall per app is a handy and intelligent application that allows you to block internet access for specific apps. You can easily block mobile data and Wi-Fi access with a single click. 

Step 1: Download and Install the application.

Step 2: It requires permission for its local VPN connection after installation. Tap ok. The application suggests you disable the android battery optimization to stop the application from running in the background and save the battery from draining. 

Step 3: Now click the application icon and select the apps you want to block or allow internet access from your device. You will see that blocked app icons will change their colors from green to orange.      

Pros of Net Blocker – Firewall per app

  • It assists you in reducing the data usage of your device.
  • It saves your device battery.
  • Net Blocker- Firewall per app increase and maintain privacy.
  • The application doesn’t have any remote server to steal your data, so you can feel free while using the application.
  • The application monitors the traffic passing through it.
  • The Net Blocker – Firewall per app prevent your device from hackers that try to get access through different apps and games.
  • The application gives you peace of mind as it assists you in blocking the internet for apps individually. 
  • Save your money as well as usage of data. 
  • The application doesn’t contain annoying ads, saving you time.
  • The application secures users’ personal information from third-party and its access. 

Cons of Net Blocker – Firewall per app

  • It doesn’t allow you to use another VPN app simultaneously and can drain your battery.
  • The application doesn’t block the Dual Messenger application. 
  • The application, most of the time, fails to work correctly. 
  • Most games and apps display ads even when you block their internet access.





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