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Now earning from home is making a trend everyone is in a try of earning from home, and earning virtual assistants to earn money online. Now people prefer online earning because you do not need to go outside of the home and earn at home. Earning from the home is much more beneficial for the students, to start a part-time job from home. There are many methods to earn from the home. You can do it in your free time and also make it a business. There are different online earning platforms, that is different apps are launched which provide you the different tasks to perform and give you real-time cash.

Install the “Money App – Cash Rewards App” application. By using this application you can easily earn from the home. This application provides you with different tasks to perform and earn cash prizes. Play games daily and win real-time cash rewards by using this application. Gives¬† you hundreds and thousands of cash rewards. Different tasks like playing games and performing different surveys. Invite more friends and make more money together by inviting your beloved ones. Your referral program will depend upon the user’s activity. This platform offers you the platform to do mini tasks by completing the services. Having a very easy interface, you can easily get money by performing tasks. No extra gift cards, only real money will transfer to PayPal. Play the games, do surveys and earn real-time cash.

You will not need to worry about this application; this will never disturb your privacy policy, which is completely safe. This application will never collect your personal information that as videos, pictures, or other important documents. Make money application is not heavy on storage that is a lightweight application, could not harm the device, and never drains the battery power. Best earning application for beginners, improve your skills and make money. Users will have positive reviews about this application. Over 10 million people have trusted and downloaded this application. The developer may add some ads to it. 

Seteps to use the “Money App – Cash Rewards App” application:

This application will have an easy and simple format, that is easy to use. Here are the following steps to use this application.

  • Install the “Money App – Cash Rewards App” application from the Google play store.
  • Open the app.
  • Click on allow to accept the permissions to allow access to the mobile phone.
  • Login or sign in to the app.
  • Fill up the required information.
  • By opening the app, select your task, and complete your task.
  • Withdraw your money through PayPal.
  • You can get your payment in 2 or 3 working days.
  • Set up the application and enjoy the best features of the application.

Features and comforts of application:

This application will have amazing features and gives different comforts to the people. Here are the following features and comforts of the application.

  • Complete the survey.
  • Best application for part-time jobs.
  • No daily gift cards, only real-time money.
  • Good opportunity for the students and beginners to take the start you’re earning from these types of platforms.
  • Start earning easy cash now by using the money app.
  • The play-to-earn principle allows you to earn real-time money while playing.
  • Tons of games for you to earn and also enjoy.
  • This gaming process is easy to play and has win cash.
  • Blockchain is used because these digital games are based on programming codes.
  • The players sell different assets at the marketplaces and get more profit.
  • This platform is not different from conventional platforms.
  • Perform different tasks, complete the different levels of games and unlock the more level of games and enjoy them more.
  • Install the application and enjoy the best features and lots of games and earn cash rewards.


This application does not want any additional permissions. This is offered by “Free International Calls App, Ltd” and released on Jun 9, 2016. This application may need some permissions to allow access to the mobile phone. Here are some permissions that may request access to the mobile phone.

  • Access to the camera to take pictures and record video.
  • Access to the microphone.
  • View wifi connection.
  • Access to the storage to read or modify the deleted content of the USB storage.
  • Access to the media files to read and modify the content or deleted content of the USB storage.
  • Run at startup.
  • Prevents your device from sleeping.
  • Reads calendar events.
  • Close other apps.
  • Install shortcuts.
  • Draw over other apps.
  • Modify system setting.
  • Change network connectivity.


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