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Are you searching for something to spend your leisure time best and with fun? So stop wondering; here is the best application, Ludo Star, to spend quality time with fun. It is not just a game but a way to earn with fun. You can easily engage your friend’s family with you to have fun. You can easily interact with people of different kinds worldwide. It is the most famous game of this modern era.

Ludo Star is the best option if you want to spend time with friends. It has 4 beautiful colors red, green, blue and yellow. You can easily choose several players and the game mode to play with friends. You can also play Ludo Star with your Facebook friends. It is your childhood game, so you are familiar with how to play. You can play the game on any device Android, PC, laptop, and iOS. You only need to log in with your Facebook account. 

The application is very popular, with 50+ million downloads. Millions of people are playing Ludo Star, improving their gaming skills, and having fun with friends. It has amazing sound effects and pictures. The application is user-friendly and very entertaining. It has amazing features that make it more interesting. You can communicate with players while playing.   


  • You can play Ludo Star simply by login in with your Facebook account and invite your friends, family, and random people to play the game with you.
  • You can also play a game with 2 or 4 players and random people.
  • You can play with variations such as Master, Classic, and Quick.
  • You can easily add people to play Team Up.
  • You can participate in weekly special events and enhance your skill of gaming.
  • Ludo Star assists you in playing the game with your preferred rules, like Doubling pieces before entering the home and killing one. 
  • You can feel 3D Ludo playing with 3D dice.
  • While playing, you can chat and send emojis and gifts to other players.
  • You can earn gems and gold coins by sending lucky dice to your friends.
  • Ludo Star has 100s of dice that are amazing, and you can easily collect them.
  • You can easily invite your friends to play games with you.   

How to Use Ludo Star?

Ludo Star is a game of fun with your family, friends, and others. The game is very easy to play, and you can spend your leisure time with fun. You can play the Ludo Star game online and offline on any device, such as Android, laptop, PC, or iOS. 

How to Play Ludo Star Offline?

Step 1: Download and install the application.

Step 2: Open the application; your device’s display screen will show you the option to play offline. It asks you to log in from Facebook to play online as a guest.

Step 3: Click the option of Offline game; it directs you to another screen to select the game type where you select whether the players should be 2 or 4. 

Step 4: Select the Start button to begin the game.

How to Play Ludo Star Online?

Step 1: Open the application and select the option to play online. You have to log in with your Facebook account to play the game and log in as a guest to play.

Step 2: These two methods of logins require coins to start the match. You can purchase these coins in small amounts. Most of the time, they offer multiple discounts to purchase these coins. 

Step 3: There are different variations of the game to select according to your choice. These variants are arrow, classic, and quick. These are online game types. 

Here is the sharp detail of all four types of Ludo Star that you can play. 

1 ON 1 

Choose this option and start your game. Pick out the coins and variants that you want to play.

4 Player  

It is the 2nd online game type. It includes 4 players. The minimum requirement of the coins in this game type is 500, and the maximum amount of coins in a single match is 50M. 

Team Up 

This 3rd game type enables you to make a team of players or add friends. You have to select the coins and variants. The main option of this game type is to invite your friends and make the Team for a quick match. You need 500 minimum coins to start a match.  

Private Table

This game mode depends on a code generated by the player who starts the game. The player in this game type generates the code by clicking the start option and sharing it with friends on WhatsApp and Facebook.  

How to Play Ludo Star on PC?

Step 1: Download the application from your app store on your PC and laptop. 

Step 2: Install Bluestacks on your device.

Step 3: Click the app file.

Step 4: Go to Bluestack and find the Apk Ludo Star, and hit the option to play the game. 

Pros of Ludo Star

  • Ludo Star is the best game for time passing.
  • The games are very easy to play, and you can interact with your friends in a new and fun way.
  • With this game, you can play and earn with fun.
  • The game is lightweight and small in size, not consuming too much space on your device. 
  • It is a game that you can play online and offline easily.
  • Most online games are not free, but Ludo Star is free of cost or very little cost.
  • You can play games anywhere; anytime it doesn’t bound you for anything.
  • Ludo Star can assist you in enhancing your skills.
  • You can make new friends and interact with new people worldwide.
  • It is the best way to reduce your stress.
  • Ludo Star helps you to boost your logical reasoning.
  • You can enhance your strategic problem-solving.

Cons of Ludo Star

  • Most of the time, games become tricky, and you need mathematical calculations to play the game.
  • Online games make you addicted and distract you from the real world.
  • Ludo Star affects your eyes badly and doesn’t allow you to concentrate on your work.  


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