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August 18, 2022
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Description of Yansa APK

WhatsApp and telegram are consider the best messaging apps for many reasons. It allows you to communicate with other people in many ways. Also, through chats, audio and video calls, and through exchanging media files and documents. You can use it on your phone, your computer, and your tablet. These apps are personal for each user and maintain and keep our information secret. But users can’t track and scan activity statistics in applications even if we can’t get information on who checked our profile.

Now you don’t have to be worried about it because Yasna APK is here for everyone. Also, this application allows you to track and scan activity statistics in applications such as Vk, WhatsApp, and telegram. You can easily get a notification about a recently update profile. This application will track your all data transferring and give you push notifications about any recent updates.

what is Yansa APK?

Yansa APK enables users to check the static’s of how much time they spend on certain apps and show the data transfer specifically. This APK is a tool kit for you to look after your activity and your relative WhatsApp’s accounts. Also, this APK is safe and secure for all its users and provides efficient work. Yansa APK is a smooth and healthy app for you to use and get complete statistics. Moreover, it allows you to check the entire data such as photos on your target mobile device.

Also, the best APK to look after your child, and business deals. It will show you the update on how much time your child has spent in a particular app and show you the active status of all your contact. Furthermore, it can even track delete WhatsApp messages, secret chats, the list of contacts, and WhatsApp call logs. You can track emails, call logs, and social media accounts. This spying tool helps you to keep a check on the GPS location of your spouse’s device.

Yansa APK is free for you to download and you don’t have to pay for it. It is easy for installation and the simple interface makes your work easier and quicker. Additionally, this application will work 24/7 no matter whether you are online or offline. Also, you will get push notifications for any update like whether someone is online or get offline how much he spends, and much more.

Now friends cannot make you fool by ignoring your message this magical app will show their active status on time. This APK will keep records of all your conversations, calls, and much more. There is a trail check for users to get experience and then formally use this.

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More about Yansa APK:

This APK is in high demand for millions of users all over the world. Also, you can easily get this application from all the trusty websites easily. Moreover, it is secure and simple for every user. You don’t have to put any personal information on the registration process. With simple interface anyone can use this in any android device. A minimum of 15MB of free memory space and Android 4.1 or higher device is very appreciable. Also, there is no age restriction for anyone as well.

Features of Yansa APK:

  • Free to download: This APK is free for you to download, and you can easily install this app from this website.
  • 24/7 service: No matter whether you are offline or online this app will keep you up to date all the time.
  • Push notification: Users can get a push notification for any update and active status of a friend’s profile.
  • Online and offline update: Features include the ability to see when someone logs in or off, how many hours they’ve been online, and how many hours you’ve been online.
  • Get instant statistics: you will get the statistics of your usage as well you can get specific statistics of anyone from your contact.
  • Up to 10 profile updates: Ability to track up to 10 profiles simultaneously. Users can get an update on multiple accounts.
  • Ability to track: This APK will track the targeted person’s account and give you detailed statistics in a short period.

Key additional features of Yansa APK:

  1. Tracking user activity
  2. Safe and secure
  3. Simple installation
  4. Push notification
  5. 24/7 support
  6. App work offline and when an app is turned off
  7. 7 days trial for users
  8. Simple interface
  9. No age restriction


Shortly, Yansa APK offers you detail analysis for your each profile and all of your contact. This application will help you to know whether your child activity on the phone as well. Friends of yours are ignoring your messages or actually, he/she is offline. You can easily know all the happenings around you with ease. So, now download Yansa APK and get the benefit of it.