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October 18, 2022
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Description of vtube studio

Are you inspired by professional YouTubers and influencers? Are you dreaming of becoming a professional YouTuber of 2D models? Do you wanna earn by making content for youtube? If yes, then this is a very blessed day for you as we are offering you the best app which will help you to become a professional-level YouTuber. This app was developed for live Youtube streaming.

If you don’t know what it is and how people earn from it, no need to worry. I am here to guide you. You may have seen video game streams like PUBG, MLBB, and others, and also live streams of concerts and live shows. These people earn from YouTube. The more views a stream gets the more subscribers you get, and the more money you earn from YouTube.

So what are you waiting for? Download this app and follow our guidelines to earn unlimited money by sitting at home. This app allows you to download your live 2D models directly from your smartphone, but your phone must be compatible with ARcore face tracking.

The other advantage of this app is the built-in studio for Windows or direct MacOS streaming, which uploads a face-tracking video onto your computer. And then you have to wait a bit, and you will be given an enumerated model of yours which can be used for further processes. But you have to keep in notice that an iPhone always offers the best results for the face tracking process and gives you the best quality 2D models.

What is the Vtube Studio Apk?

Vtube Studio apk is an app used to develop 2D models of yourself and use them for earning money from youtube as a professional. This app is a gift for stream lovers. By using this app you can create your digital character and animate it for streaming on Youtube. This app enables you to put expressions on the face of your animated character with your phone camera.

You are also given so many interesting backgrounds you can choose your animation backgrounds from them or you can create the featured background of your choice. This app has the license of Cubism SDK So it will be convenient for you to create your models and further work on them to make it enable to use for professional purposes.

How to download and use Vtube Studio Apk?

We have given a virus-free link on top of the website you can download it from there. Just click the download button and an automatic download will be started then you need to wait for about a minute and install this app. As it uses a third party so make sure you allow unknown resources and install it.

Now connect your phone to it and make the model of your virtual 2D character. Now connect a pc to your phone and create your 2D character. Add movements to it and further backgrounds either available own featured ones of your own choice. And add expressions on your 2D model to make it use for animations and videos as a Professional virtual Youtuber.

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Features of Vtube studio Apk:

  1. It is compatible with high ram devices.
  2. It is best for people who want to create content for social media but want their identity to remain hidden.
  3. Create no-face videos of yourself.
  4. Create a 2D character of you.
  5. Ad expressions and backgrounds of your choice.
  6. Make a simple 2D model come to life with this technology.
  7. Dual device tracking ability.
  8. Gives you options of so many settings to make your work more professional and better.
  9. ARcore Face tracking feature.
  10. Enable you to use multiple Licensed characters.
  11.  Make your own 2D charachter.
  12. No registration is required.
  13. An in-app payment method is available.
  14. Simple to understand and use an app.
  15. Absolutely free to use.

screenshots of vtube studio APk:


This app is best for people who dream to become an animator or cartoonist. You can create models and make to animate on your demands. You can create a whole series by creating multiple models with it. This app will make you the God of your Animated World as all the expressions and movements will be on your commands and you will be the one controlling every animated character. By using this app you can earn money by selling your animated characters and making paid illustrations and animations. So download it and be rich by making our name in the Animation industry!