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October 21, 2022
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Description of Sudoku Online

Welcome gamers to our website where we offer you the best apps you were searching for so long. Maze lovers and puzzle lovers must have heard of this app. If not then this a perfect day to learn about it so keep reading this article it is going to be fun. Sudoku Online Apk is a paper puzzle app.

People who like to solve puzzles and confuse themselves and then enjoy the whole process of solving the puzzle would love this app. Only paper puzzle players can explain the satisfaction of victory when they finally become successful and solve all the puzzles. This app is ad-supported and you will be shown just one ad after every 3 games and you can skip the ads by every few seconds.

This is a modified version of old riddle games used to train your brain. Here you will not only get paper games but thousands of number games also. To solve puzzles and have fun by downloading this app. sometimes we want to keep our mind relax so then we should play simple types of Sudoku games and sometimes we just want to have some fun and excitement then we should play some difficult puzzle games.

You will get 6 stages to solve mostly puzzles and each next stage will be more difficult than the previous one. It is the best mind exercise and you should play it often. If you play these puzzles at the start of the day your brain will decrease such hormones which will keep you active for a whole day and make you more productive for all-day activities.

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What is Sudoku Online Apk?

Sudoku Online apk is an app that gives you a variety of number and paper puzzles. This game is compatible with android players and you are offered 40 different puzzles. In total, you get more than 1500 games to train your brain to be more productive and active. The best advantage is that you can choose the level of difficulty of the puzzles it is divided into easy, normal, and hard, and at the end comes the expert level.

If you are in the exciting mode you can choose hard, if you just want to relax you should go for easy and if you want to spend the time you should go for the normal level. If you are a long-term puzzle player and enjoy challenges then you should try the expert level. The game is in an attractive interface and you are given some manual controls.

key features of Sudoku Online Apk:

  • Classified difficulty levels: You are provided with 4 different levels including easy, normal, hard, and expert. You are allowed to choose anyone based on your mood.
  • Saves last game: When you get interrupted during the game and go offline it will keep your game progress safe and you can start it from where you left off last time.
  • Daily challenges: You are provided with different riddles on daily basis and can win prizes by solving those puzzles.
  • Pencil Mode: You are provided with a pencil mode and you can use it manually as you like.
  • Highlight duplicates: These are used to avoid the repetition of numbers in the game.
  • Interesting Guesses: The game gives you some hints which help you to solve the puzzle and make your game more interesting.
  • Themes: You can choose your Favourite themes in settings.
  • Sounds and music: You can use the sounds to make your game more fun and turn them off in settings if you don’t like them.
  • Autosave option: It pauses the game when you go offline so you can start it from where you left off.

Other features of Sudoku Online Apk:

  1. Long press key.
  2. Identical number tracer.
  3. Unlimited undo and redo changes.
  4. Can be played offline and online.
  5. No registration is needed.
  6. ads are included.
  7. More than 100 new puzzles every week.
  8. Easy-to-use app.
  9. clear background to make you focus on the game.
  10. No third-party involvement.


We tried to sum up all the necessary information about this app. If you like it you can download it from the given download option. We care for your privacy so no third party is involved in it. You can play your favorite puzzles and train your mind to be more productive and active. You can share it with your friends who like such games. Keep visiting this website for more interesting apps.