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March 18, 2023

Description of Problassfire APK

We all love playing games. Games can be of different formats and plots. You can play games like roleplaying, arcade, shooting, cards, casinos, and a lot more. But, the best of all games is the Garena Free Fire. This is a battle royal game that puts you in a hard situation and you have to survive till the end. So, another updated version of Free Fire is available now, the new Problassfire APK.

Garena Free Fire game is among the best games and it has been downloaded by millions of people. That is because the game touches your nerves. It will drop you into a situation where you have to show your skills and use your intellect to come out of it. Also, you have to look after your teammates and also show your leadership skills as well.

what is Problassfire APK?

The Problassfire APK is the same as the Garena Free Fire game. We can say that it is an update of the Free Fire game because all the things are the same. But, there are some features and tools that are exclusive to this application only. So, if you have played the Garena Free Fire game then you will surely love the Problassfire APK as well.

Adding to that, the Problassfire APK allows you to enter a spawn island with other players. The numbers of players are not more than 50 and you are also playing a role in this. You all are taken in a plane and you will drop on the island depending on your own preference. Like, you can go at the beginning or at the end depending on the location you select.

After that, you will be given a parachute and you have to use it to land safely on the island. When you reach the ground the first thing you must do is to find loot. Now, what is loot? Loot can be weapons, med-kits, drinkables, accessories, bags, GlooWalls, and a lot more. Once you are collecting all these things, you should go to battle.

Likewise, other players are doing the same and they are also equipped with great weapons and tools. So, you are required to defeat them and get their weapons as well. You can select the best weapon by yourself and you will understand that by looking at the damage they do. Also, you can add accessories to these weapons to improve their stability and recoil as well.

Moreover, the main theme of the Problassfire APK is to be on top, winning every match and killing more opponents. There are many benefits of that, you can get free costumes and diamonds for being at the top. Also, the premium items of the games can be unlocked without any money. So, always try to win the games and get a high rank in Problassfire APk.

Furthermore, you will be able to get various tricks and hacks additionally. These hacks and tricks can be used in the battleground to confuse your opponent players. You can use the Teleportation trick to change your location swiftly. This will make your opponent blind and deaf, so you will kill them without showing your location. Also, you can use various other hacks like Recall, Respawn, Auto-headshot, Aim-lock, and a lot more during the battles. All these hacks will improve your game and you can be a professional player within weeks.

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features of Problassfire APK:

The application is providing many features without any cost. You are able to get premium features as you get higher ranks in the game.

  • GlooWall feature: When you are surrounded by many opponent players then you can use this feature. It blocks their contact and views making a wall between you and them.
  • Premium characters: there are many heroes and characters in the game that can be a helping hand while playing in the extreme lobby. Also, you can use their skills to defeat anyone easily.
  • Best weapons: the Problassfire APp is providing the best collection of weapons that deal great damage with single shots. Also, you can handle them easily.
  • High Graphics: the Problassfire APp has high graphics that are suitable for all android devices. Also, it gives the option to alter the resolution as well.
  • Different vehicles: the game features various vehicles and bikes that can be used on the battlefield. You can travel from one part of the map to the other part instantly.
  • Map Hacks: Problassfire allows you to access various map hacks and cheats. You can get the exact location of the enemy players easily. Also, you can use the ESP line to target them as well.


The Problassfire APK is allowing you to recreate the experience of the official Garena Free Fire game with some additional spices. You are getting hacks and tricks to control hectic situations. So, download the game now!