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By ICICI Bank Ltd.
October 15, 2022
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Description of InstaBiz

We are all aware of the digitalized banking system and how our society has accepted it, and now it has become a very important part of our daily lives. I can not say what will happen if banks all over the world get closed for one day. We get panic even when online payment apps get slowed down or the servers get down for a few hours. This explains how we are dependent on digitalized banking. Today we are going to talk about a business app known as Insta Biz Apk. This app is used by bank customers for business purposes. You can attach your bank accounts with this app and make transactions and collect money using UPI, QR, and POS.

You can open accounts spontaneously and use them to make instant transactions. You can receive money, send money, and even save cash in your account. Digitalized banking is safe and easy; you don’t need to carry large amounts of cash everywhere with you. You can buy anything anywhere. Online banking has reduced robberies as our money is always safe in banks and if you get your ATM card stolen, you can just block it instantly and your cash will be safe and sound. And this is the reason people love business apps, especially this generation.

What is InstaBiz Apk?

Instabiz Apk is an online banking app for banking customers who need to make very frequent transactions and handle money transfers. You can make online payments for more than 115 different products. You can create your new account within a few minutes by following a few basic account creation steps. By using this app, you can take loans and make vendor transactions.

Not only is this tax payment feature also available, so you don’t need to get online and stand for hours to pay the tax. You can enable quick collections for business purposes. Not only this, the biggest advantage of this app is that it supports foreign trade and you can make transactions even when out of the country.

You will be able to do this and have insurance. Let me tell you, by using this, you will be able to do both. Yes, all of that is in a single mobile app. It covers all business and banking needs, including regular payments, tax payments, and loan records. It supports the transactions of SMEs instantly. It can save you time and energy by giving you the services of your assistant.

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Key Features of InstaBiz Apk:

If we talk about the features of InstaBiz , you will be astonished to know that this app has so many interesting features and that’s the reason for its popularity. Let’s get a brief overview of its features:

  • Insurance payments: Those people who are employees at insurance companies use this app to make insurance payments as the amounts are huge and it has to be paid o time to avoid late fees.
  • Bank Loans: You can apply for fpr bank loans by inputting your details in the app and you can get payments even in your wallet after acceptance of the loan application.
  • Unlimited transactions: There is no limit to transactions of cash receiving and sending. So you can use it to make unlimited transactions per day.
  • History of payments: Your all payment history will be saved including the amount, date, and time of payment and to whom you sent the payment.
  • Bulk payments: You can be sent and receive bulk payments for business purposes so there is no need to go to the bank every single time.
  • Foreign trade: This app supports foreign trade all you need to do is select a product and pay for it through your wallet.
  • Tax payments: Now there is no need to stand in line for hours and waste time, just open your app at home and pay your taxes easily.
  • Spontaneous account creation: You can create your account by following a few basic steps easily.
  • Business and home loans: You can apply for home loans and business loans. For a home loan, there are different conditions and documents and for a business loan, there are different terms and conditions.
  • Safe and secured transactions: All your transactions are completely safe and secure with us and you can avoid robbery incidents by not keeping cash in your wallet and using online transactions.
  • Saves time: By using this app your business will not only become easy but also convenient and you can use that time for other important activities.
  • Free access to the business network: You will get free access to business platforms and over time you will experience and learn so many new things on these business platforms.

Other Features of InstaBiz Apk:

  1. Business mangegment tools.
  2. registration required.
  3. Light weight app.
  4. Safe and secure.
  5. Banking facilitations.
  6. No third-party involvement.
  7. Easy to use.


If you need to do business tasks daily as a business owner and you deal with numerous transactions of InstaBiz  apk will be very beneficial for you. Download it from the given link at top of our page and keep visiting this website for more updates.