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Idol Queens Production

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January 23, 2023

Description of Idol Queens Production

This game is based on the whole idol-making system of k-pop idols. In Korea being an ideal is a very successful career and it requires so much effort. You will have to manage your resources, train your recruits and follow so many other steps to create a perfect group of idols. The game is downloaded millions of times in Korea because idol based system is the most popular in Korea. But it has also been liked and installed by people all over the world.

what is Idol Queens Production APK?

Idol Queens Production Apk is a keep-based game where you make your team of young girls and boys and then train them for singing, dancing, and acting. There are so many things to do and enjoy in the game. You will have to follow all the procedures of making a successful k-pop band. You will design their dorn, design their clothes and much more.

The storyline of Idol Queens Production Apk:

The story is that your character is a CEO of the entertainment industry. You want to select some boys and make them successful idols. To be idols there are some very strict requirements. You will take care of their dressing, you will assign them beds in their dorm. Not only this but they will be trained for dancing and singing competitions. And after completing their training they will go to public events and perform there. The whole game is so much fun and you will control every activity in the game.

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Features of Idol Queens Production Apk:

The k-pop idols are treated like celebrities and people love them crazily. This game was originally designed by a Korean game designer. It has so many new features like you can design the dorm, and you can select their clothes and food. You can make them dance as you like. You can edit their voice with singing effects. You will organize events and the whole game will be full of so many interesting activities.

CEO of the Entertainment industry:

This is the most interesting and important role which will be played by you. You are a rich CEO and you are going to select some normal common boys and train them to be perfect idols. So be ready for so many struggles and challenges because being an idol is not an easy task and you will have all the responsibility for them.

High-Quality Graphics:

The game is designed to be visually appealing to the users. The graphics are so high quality that you will be amazed. We have used advanced AI technology to put HD graphics in the game so it can look more attractive.

3D Game Animations:

The Animations are in 3D and you will play the game with these high-megapixel animations. Animations are the real key to simulation games which attract more users. So download it and witness how beautiful and detailed the animations we have added to the game, especially the idols, their dorm, make-up, and clothes. Everything is in 3D. You can put on make-up, get dressed and also change dorm designs like bed sheets, furniture settings, etc and it will be so much fun.

Role of Characters in-game:

You will play the role of an owner of the entertainment industry who is in charge of everything. you will control every activity and take every decision for the trainees. In simple, you will be the GOD of this game. Other characters of boys and girls will play the role of trainees who will learn to dance, sing and act to be perfect idols.

Arrange Concerts and events:

After training your idols and making them perfect to get o the stage you will organize events for them. They will sing, dance, and perform on stage in their concerts. We have also added an AI audience to encourage the idols and give them a more realistic concert look.


This game is trending because k-pop idols are now have been famous around the whole world. If you are also a fan of BTS, Starykids, Blackpink, or other k-pop groups then download Idol Queens Production Apk now and make your K-pop band, train them and enjoy every activity. You will be in charge and will take every decision.