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November 23, 2022

Description of Epic box 2023

Are you tired of searching for bugs free apps for MLBB? Do you want to unlock all featured skins for free? Are you struggling to win the game as a new player? Expert players are making you lose all the games? Well, your wait is over. You made a fortune by clicking on our website. The app is providing you is called Epic Box 2023 apk.

All the mobile legend lovers were constantly asking us to provide this app. Our all customers are precious to us, so how could we ignore their requests, so today we decided to award you with this app. Developers made this app with so many new features and all the latest skins. With this app, you will be able to start a new journey of Epic Box 2023 apk.

This app will provide you with digital and realistic gameplay. All the display is high quality and HD. Here you will be able to use about 90% of all paid skins. Especially those skins which are limited edition. You may have seen this app on other sites too but they are asking for premium subscriptions.

So make you don’t waste your money by paying for those websites. Some other pages are selling virus-encrypted apps so do not get scammed by them. We provide you with complete privacy and do not access your personal data and we do not allow any third party to get involved in this app.

Epic box 2023 is the latest version and has anti-ban features. So your account is safe, but make sure to take gaps while using it as a precaution. This will provide you with all those game effects and hacks you can dream of. And believe me, everything is absolutely free. We do not ask you to pay even a single penny. So grab this amazing and adventurous app right now.

what is Epic box 2023?

Epic box 2023 apk is an injector app for Mobile legend bang bang lovers and this version is the most recent. You may be thinking of what is new in this app, my friend, wait. let me tell you this app is a whole parcel of all the most demanding features and all the latest skins like Hilda skin and Alice skins.

These skins can only be used after getting the paid membership. But since you are our customer, we have a special offer. Take it all for free. Just download this app and start unlocking all the mind-blowing features and new skins. This app provides you with gaming effects like unlimited lives, fly hack, ghost hack, respawn effect, and featured maps and backgrounds.

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Key features of Epic Box 2023 Apk:

  • Recall effect: This effect makes you an immortal being in the game. So now everyone is your slave and you are the king of the game. As you have unlimited lives now.
  • Featured backgrounds: You can select your favorite region to play and there you will get matching background music to make your game more interesting.
  • New avatars: You are provided with new hairstyles and facial features, so select your favorite character either Korean Chinese or African.
  • Drone view hack: This feature gives you an aerial view of all the playgrounds and war zone. So you can spot your hidden and visible enemies.
  • Antena effect: This hack will show you an antenna from a very safe distance so you can kill the enemy and change your hidden shelter from unsafe to a safe place.
  • Featured skins: Here you will be able to wear all the latest and limited edition outfits and all the paid hairstyles.
  • Bot effect: This hack makes to differentiate between real and bot enemies. So you won’t get tricked by real and clever layers.
  • New emotes: Here you get all the latest emotes and motion effects including gun emote and flying frying pan, and dancing emotes.

Other features of Epic Box 2023 Apk:

  1. Tank skins.
  2. Unlimited ammo.
  3. Guns and grass costumes.
  4. Free gold and diamonds.
  5. Rank boosters.
  6. Esp sensitivity.
  7. Recall affects.
  8. elimination effects.
  9. Customized themes.
  10. New and latest features.
  11. No login is required.
  12. Anti-ban app.
  13. Protected and secured.
  14. No ads.
  15. Free services.


We tried our best to provide you with every single detail you must need to know about this article. As it has anti-ban features your account is absolutely secure but still, I will suggest you use it from your guest account, and if you are using it from your main account make sure you get enough gaps as a precaution. Although am providing you with a safe link to download this app still if you have anything to ask feel free to use the comment box. Take care of yourself and stay healthy we do not want to lose our precious users!