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December 6, 2022

Description of Dig Dug Girl

This is an adult game that is mostly played by boys. This game is focused on a girl which has big breasts and who fights underground to kill her enemies. The adult part is that she pumps herself with air and makes her body look bigger and thicker. This is the feature that attracts the maximum number of users. But to make this game more challenging we have added underground paths, enemies, and much more.

The storyline of Dig Dug Girl Apk?

Dig Dug Girl Apk is a sexy and bold girl which rides on a dinosaur. That dinosaur is also her weapon because he spits fire from his mouth to kill the enemies. The game is famous because of the adult activities of the girl. I will not tell you every secret here you will have to download Dig Dug Girl Apk to know more about it. The concept of the game is she is in an underground tunnel where she is given the task to kill all the enemies.

Features of Dig Dug Girl Apk:

The game has so many interesting features which will set you on fire. The hot body of a girl and HD visuals will be breathtaking. This update also features ultra HD graphics to make you happier and more satisfied.

Adult activities in the game:

This game is for adults because you will see so many erotic tasks performed by girls. She carries an air pump with her to block the way she fills her body with air and make her breasts and butts look bigger. So only download and play this game if you are an adult. Also, we do not promote any pornographic or adult activities, this article is just for information.

Enemies in the game:

We are featuring two types of enemies in the game, one is those who will kill you by just touching them so make sure you keep a safe distance from them and do not let them touch you. Others throw fireballs at you and you will have to save yourself from them.

Diansour as the power source:

The Dig Dug Girl will be given a dinosaur that she can ride and can use as her superpower to save her from enemies. He can also kill the opponents by spotting fire on them You can also choose different colors of dinosaurs. And can also use stickers to make your girl look more stylish.

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2D Animations:

The animations are not so far very impressive but still, they are in 2D which is pretty good as a mobile game. You will also get to watch new fire effects in the game and we will keep improving the animations with every update.

Ultra HD Graphics:

The graphics are in Ultra HD to make it look more presentable. The cinematic representation of the game is very classic and impressive and you will enjoy it while playing it. This game will satisfy you and give you the pleasure of fight and having fun at the same time.

Control Keys of Dig Dug Girl Apk:

To make this game easy to understand and play we have put all the keys in the center of the screen. The movement buttons are on the right corner of the screen and the attack buttons are on the left. The pump button is in the center of the screen.

Role of Characters:

You are playing the role of a brave but sexy girl who is underground on a mission to kill all her enemies. The dinosaur is playing the role of a helper and a guardian. He will save the girl and also attack the monstrous and help you win the fights. Two types of monsters will attack you and try to kill you.

New stickers and skins:

We have added some new stickers for your character and also now you can choose the color from green. pink and yellow. The purpose of adding these new colors is to make your game look more attractive and presentable. So it can catch more users and customers from all around the world.


Dig Dug Girl Apk is free to install and download. There are no complex keys or challenging tasks. This game is designed for pleasure and fun, The first section is added to add some more taste to the game so download it now from the top of our page where the download link is given, and enjoy your private time.