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November 30, 2022

Description of Back Alley Tales

The world is cruel behind the veils and it is very kind in front of the camera. You will not see anyone doing wrong or acting badly when there is a watch on them. All people are innocent and they will behave extremely well when they have been placed in front of a camera. So, the Back Alley Tales APK will take you to some very serious tales that are recorded in cameras.

We all love to be famous and get recognition, but we always lack effectiveness. If you will see someone’s activities by spying on them, you will see their real face. Their behavior is very different and they are involved in many bad habits. Also, they will be performing crimes that are hidden from the world. This game indicates many events that are done behind the veils. So, it is a really exciting game for you to play.

what Back Alley Tales APK?

The Back Alley Tales APK takes you to an urban area where you are performing the role of a security guard. The game is built on the features of a simulation game and role-playing genre. So, all the controls are given to you and you have to play the role. The game seems very normal but with the passage of time the real essence of the game unveils itself to you and you are able to know the story.

The game is built around 3 women or girls that were living in this region. They are being tortured and raped by a group of men and they are suffering from that. All these tales are told on the camera recording and you are able to access this recording. The security cameras have recorded these events and the tales are saved in these cameras. Only you are able to access them and know about the happening.

Additionally, the story builds as you are getting bored while spying on the streets through the security cameras and then you are deciding to do something else. That triggers you to look for the pre-recorded section and then you are able to know about the protagonists of the story. You are able to zoom in or zoom out through the controls and know the happening even more closely. Also, you can see the faces in clear view.

Moreover, the game is built with high graphics and the quality of sound is well-managed. You are able to listen to every word clearly and you can get the colors on the background as well. Also, you can adjust the performance and sounds from the settings of your android device as well. This will give you smoother gameplay and the game will not lag behind.

Furthermore, the Back Alley Tales APK has all the features and tools that will help you to understand the game easily. You are getting all the icons, options, tables, options, and features for free. Also, the game itself is free to download and the developer has removed the registration procedure to overcome the time period. So, you don’t have to register or buy any feature either.

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Features of Back Alley Tales APK:

As said, it is a free game and all the options are available at zero cost. You can freely use the controls and play the game.

  • Best simulation: Simulation-based games are always good in performance and storyline. So this game has a great story and it is built in a very unique and different way.
  • Thriller game: When you are looking at the pre-recorded videos, you are actually accessing the terrifying stories of the past. Also, you are encountering strange activities as well.
  • Attractive story: The story of the game tells tales about the three protagonists in an appealing way. It does not break your interest and always keeps you connected with the main theme,
  • High performance: The game is built with the best servers and they are creating an intriguing environment which is why the performance rate of the application is very high.
  • Simple controls: You are the security guard of the street and you have all the controls of the security cameras. You can do whatever you want with these simple controls. Also, these are easy to understand as well.
  • Great sound quality: The sound quality of the game is very best and the graphics are very realistic as well. You are easily differentiating between anything in the background and listening to all the sounds.

Additional features of Back Alley Tales APK:

  1. Amazing simulation game
  2. Thriller and horror combination
  3. Play the role and guard
  4. Simple yet amazing story
  5. Built with an attractive plot
  6. Fast and reliable servers
  7. No ads or registration process
  8. Free to download and play
  9. Mobile-friendly user interface
  10. Compatible with low devices


The game targets all those gamers who love adventure, simulation, horror, and thriller genres of games. It takes you to some serious situations and you have to perform well. So, be the security guard and play the game as the best spy. Download Back Alley Tales APK now.